We’d like to thank all those who have so generously offered their time, talent, energy and monetary support.

Special thanks to all of the kids, parents, grandparents, teachers and community organizers who are participating in the “Well Wishes and Blessings” project!

To James Eves, our graphic designer, thank you for your tireless commitment to producing beautiful work.

To Elizabeth Wagner, for believing in this project and taking action when we needed it most.

To Afof Stevens for being such a wonderful teacher and new friend.

To Gladys Martin and Katch on the beautiful Cochiti Pueblo- for your friendship, laughter, and fine hospitality while on the road recording in the Southwest.

To Michael Shea for the groove, home cooked meals and peaceful resting place while on the road recording in Detroit.

To Bearheart and Water Spirit for opening your home while on the road recording in New Mexico.

To the Sugar Loaf Lodge in Arizona for donating a room while on the road recording on the road.

To Erik Jacobs for sacrificing your time and gear to record the NY session.

To the Angel Wings of Enlightenment Center in South Central LA for opening your doors and hearts to the project.

To Ivory Engstrom for your ever-ready tech help.

To Karen Zorn for being so enthusiastic about the project and going to bat for us!

To Ken and Carol Mendelson, Diana Gourguechon, Pat Connolly, and The Colonel Shepard School!

To Jack Freeman for being so generous with your gear.

To Sue Coakley and Joanne Watkins for the helpful advice.

To all the friends- seen and unseen- who are supporting us!