The Eagle Vision Initiatives is currently developing projects that adhere to our operational guidelines for principle activities.

  1. Educational programs for children - These programs provide a platform for children to express themselves in words and music through the creation of audio CD’s in which children of different ethnic backgrounds share their ideas and music. The recording initiatives enable kids to share art and spoken ideas as a means of fostering understanding between cultures.
  2. Arts for those neglected in society – These programs bring artists in various disciplines such as musicians, poets, writers, painters, etc. to serve and connect with those largely neglected in society. Artists will perform and share their skills with residents in hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and assisted living facilities to name a few.
  3. Artist Internships in Schools – This initiative creates programs linking resources between major universities and elementary and high schools in surrounding areas where art programs have been eliminated. These internship programs in universities will enable university students to receive school credit for teaching arts and crafts workshops in public schools.
  4. Community out reach centers – This program sponsors community centers and after school programs where professional artists will work with children to produce every aspect of theater and coffee house productions.